Leagrave Dental Sedation Clinic has been accredited by the IACSD for providing theory courses and mentoring for inhalation and intravenous sedation for Dentists and Nurses. Click Here for more information.

Theory Course

The theory course is run over 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) and will include both inhalation and intravenous sedation.

Mentoring Course

Following the completion of this course (or any other accredited sedation course such as SAAD or, we can offer mentoring in sedation which will accredit you to practice sedation independently.

Mentoring includes 20 cases of intravenous sedation (of which at least 10 cases will be operator-sedationist) and 10 cases of inhalation sedation (of which at least 5 cases will be operator-sedationist). You can opt to be mentored in either or both techniques.


Mentoring costs for Dentists: £2750 (IV) and £1750 (IS). This cost includes your dental nurse as well.
Mentoring costs for Dental Nurses: £600 (IV or IS). £850 for both IV and IS combined.

Testimonials from Dentists who have completed the courses

I had a fantastic experience with Riaz and the team at Leagrave dental sedation clinic. Riaz was extremely helpful, calm and patient mentoring me from a complete novice to a confident sedationist. In three days I undertook over 30 cases and Riaz helped me to complete all the documentation ready to pass my SAAD certification with ease.Richard Staincliffe – Dentist

I have been practicing sedation since 2016. I met Riaz to the Minor Oral Surgery Course and I knew he was going to be accredited for sedation mentoring. I wanted to deepen my skills next to a high skills mentor so I asked Riaz to asses me from sedation point of view.

I learnt a lot from him, he showed me how to approach the patients considering they react different to sedative being influenced by gender, age and complexity of the treatment. He guided me in filling the Elog book properly and explained to me the importance of keeping accurate records.

I was impressed about the amount of help and information he can deliver in just few days of training.Dr Aneta Bugnar – Dentist

I had completed my theoretical training in conscious sedation after which I needed mentoring in inhalation and intravenous sedation. As Riaz was accredited by the IACSD and his details appear on the Royal College of Surgeons website, as an accredited mentor, I approached him for mentoring.

The mentoring was carried out over a period of few days, I observed the first few cases where Riaz demonstrated the techniques used for cannulation, titration of the sedative etc., after which I carried out the required cases under his supervision.

Riaz took care to explain the techniques, risks and benefits and was always by my side to help when needed.  I found him to be very reassuring, competent and helpful.Marzena Setkowska-Gross – Dentist

Training in IV sedation at Leagrave was a great experience. The staff were all very approachable and helpful, the clinicians were attentive, keen to share their knowledge and to help you make the most of your time. I am very glad I had the opportunity to complete my training here and would recommend the clinic to anyone wishing to gain experience in conscious sedation.Cate Howard – Dentist

I completed my clinical experience required towards SAAD accredited Sedationist under the guidance and mentoring of Dr Riaz Hassan. I have had the opportunity to work with Dr Hassan many years ago in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. I have great admiration for his dedication to the profession and ease with which he carries out his clinical activities. This is due to intense training and passion for the profession. Dr Hassan has the willingness to share his skills, knowledge and expertise. He demonstrates positive attitude and acts as a positive role model. He takes lot of personal interest in learning. The enthusiasm he exhibits during his routine clinical day is very infectious. Dr Hassan values ongoing learning and growth in the field. I am extremely confident under his mentoring to carry out sedation independently at my practice.Shruthi Bellur – Dentist

Leagrave were a fantastic professional team who made the sedation mentoring process an absolute breeze. Riaz made sure I had sufficient patients in a timely manner while teaching in relaxed yet efficient style. I can’t recommend highly enough.Dr A Holloway – Dentist

Re: Luton Sedation Clinic in-house sedation Mentoring. I would highly recommend this Practice for Dentist’s and Nurse’s who wish to learn more about IV & IS sedation. The Mentoring is carried out in a very friendly and relaxed environment. Great confidence builder. I came away with a clear understanding of patient management and sedation techniques. I can’t thank the team enough of all of their support.Angela Jarman – Dental Nurse

I cannot recommend the practical sedation course at Leagraves highly enough. Riaz and his whole team have been very supportive and generous with their in-depth knowledge of all aspects related to sedation. The course and the practice are extremely well-organised, the ideal place to build a solid foundation in sedation training.Mark Atkinson – Dentist