Leagrave Dental Sedation Clinic

Referral Protocol

At the Leagrave Dental Sedation Clinic we are here to provide your patients with the highest levels of clinical care in welcoming and modern surroundings. Our experienced staff are here to answer any queries you may have. We are able to offer your patients a wide range of treatments under sedation if needed to make their visit calm and stress free.

We aim to look after your patients as we would expect to be looked after ourselves.

The referral process is described below.

  • Referral form completed
  • Appointment set with patient
  • Patient consultation, treatment plan & quote delivered
  • Patient treated
  • Patient referred back to GDP with treatment report

To refer please:

  1. Ensure all the patients details are correct and up to date.
  2. Complete the referral form provided with the pack or use our online or downloadable referral form.
  3. If you need to speak with any of our support team or have any queries, telephone us on 01582 494815 or email info@painless-dentist.co.uk.

CT Scanning referral

We welcome dental referrals for CT scanning from colleagues to help provide safer, quicker and more accurate dental implant placement for patients.Our dental referral service is ethical and trustworthy and we promise to return your patient to your good care following their CT scan. No discussion regarding any proposed treatment will be undertaken with patients attending for a scan. They should be able to place their own CT Radiographic guide if required. Please indicate if one should be available so that scans are not taken without the guide.

As you know, the main benefit of using this advanced technology is improving patient safety and CT scans are essential for the accurate placement of dental implants especially in risky areas involving the lower posterior teeth where the ID nerve and Lingual artery are at risk.

The scans allow dental implant surgeons to see with pinpoint accuracy exactly what we want to be doing and what we need to avoid before we start any treatment. Modern digital CBCT machines are safe delivering a very low dose of radiation compared to hospital based Spiral CT Scanners. They measure the depth, width and density of the jawbone, and more importantly the depth of bone near vital structures, like nerve canals and sinus cavities, in a 3D view.

Update – New Carestream C8100 3D Scanner

We have the latest CBCT scanner at our practice, the Carestream CS8100 3D.

  • This versatile scanner is capable of selectable field of view options (4*4, 5*5, 8*5 and 8*9 cms); which will enable you to request particular areas for scanning. This reduces the radiation dose to the patient as well as the scan area that you need to report on.
  • The scanner also provides levels of detail (75 µm) required for endodontic procedures.
  • The scanner comes with open software so that referrers will be able to open the application easily and plan their treatments.
  • All scans are downloaded to a DVD which will be given to the patient. Along with the DVD, we will also give written instructions on how to download the scan to your computer. We will soon have the facility to upload the scans to the Visualise 360 website (www.360v.co.uk) where you will be able to log in and see the scans if you wish.

To refer a patient for CBCT please fill in our online CBCT referral form

Or for further information please call us: 01582 494815.